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Frequent Asked Questions
Where do our consultations/meetings take place?
FYE meets with each customer face-to-face — with no telemarketing, email blasting, etc. We put a personal touch in every customer experience so that they get unparalleled results.
How are the customers acquired?
Our company is provided with leads and territory for all our clients.  We take care of the entire state Texas and we do all of the consultations face-to-face. We have 2 responsibilities,
1. Make sure our existing customers are happy and their needs are satisfied

2. Acquire new business customers for our client.

Are there set paths for employees?
All of our managers started out as Account Representative and Management Trainees and followed a clear career path that took them to where they are today.
Where are you looking to expand?
Since opening our doors in 2013, FYE has already expanded into 22 locations. Hence we are looking to continue our growth throughout the country and internationally.
Why is FYE’S form of marketing more effective than others?
Direct marketing provides a more personal connection between our customers and clients. Indirect marketing (Telemarketing, Television ads, Billboards, etc) has the face to face contact that customers desire. As a result, we believe our customers want to do business with a friendly face and a smile, which is why we bring the results we bring.
How long does it take to become a Manager?
On average, the employees advance to a Management role in under 1 year.  With exceptional work ethic, a great student mentality and an overall eagerness and strive to succeed will allow an individual to advance more rapidly.

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